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Enjoy these Living Historical Trade Demonstrations. See also our Living History Talks.

July 27, 2022

12:00 PM / Free

From Chairs to Cheese...

Learn about the fascinating trades of colonial times in our special demonstrations. Upcoming demonstrations are listed above. Check back often for new demos.

Wool Spinning

Watch a local spinner demonstrate the fascinating process of turning wool into yarn on a spinning wheel. Try your hand at some wool-carding, and learn about the variety of products that can be made from wool.

Traditional Cheese Making

Cheese making is a time-honored way to use milk. The Colonists were master cheese makers, stocking their buttery shelves with thick cheese "rounds." Learn about traditional cheesemaking around the world.


Watch an Early American shoemaker ply his trade, making shoes in the traditional manner. Learn about tools and materials in this demonstration of the technique of making shoes.

Mrs. Whitman Tends Her Garden

Susannah Whitman is working in her dooryard gardens this afternoon in 1768 – and you are invited to help her with her chores and to enjoy a cup of tea with her. Hear about the news of the day, pick herbs, and enjoy Colonial refreshments

Historical Woodworking

A local historical woodworker demonstrates traditional woodworking skills using period tools.

Spring Clean Like a Colonist

Enjoy a demonstration of the use of plant-derived oils for healthy and effective house cleaning. Colonial good wives used many of the same plants for similar purposes. Followed by a tour of the historic Dooryard Gardens.


Watch a quilting project and learn the history of quilts and the art of creating them. Observe and ask questions. ​​​​​​​

Civil War Dress

Come watch Matilda, our museum's mannequin, being dressed in Civil War era reproduction clothing. Learn why women wore what they did and the outcomes and perils that it had for them.