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About the series

In 2020, the Music in the Tavern Series at Stanley-Whitman House would have been in its third year. Because of the Coronavirus, we’ve had to pivot and move the series out of the tavern and outside into the dooryard garden instead. We are trying to meet the challenges of the current situation and learning to live and work with something that may not go away for a while. So please join us for a late afternoon/early evening of storytelling, music and song in our Museum’s dooryard garden. All we ask is that you purchase your tickets online in advance, physical distance (or wear your mask when you cannot), and bring a picnic of your favorite food and drink. We’ll provide chairs if needed but you’re also welcome to bring your own or a blanket. We also ask that you carry out any items that you bring in.

Whether in the Tavern or the Garden, Stanley-Whitman House's Music Series is more up-close and personal than other shows. All of the artifice is stripped away. No stage, no dressing rooms, no barrier between the performer and the audience. It brings the audience one step closer to the way music was intended - an artist traveling from town to town, telling stories and making friends. Come check this out!

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