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Scout Opportunities at Stanley-Whitman

We offer numerous opportunities for Scouts to earn badges through Stanley-Whitman House. We are happy to accommodate Troop and/or Den Leaders with late afternoon and weekend time frames year-round. Programs are geared towards specific age groups, and are led by a Museum Educator. There is typically a minimum of 10 Scouts per program and a maximum of 15. Programs run from 60 to 90 minutes. Prices per scout range from $6 to $10. See below or Contact Us for more information.
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Girl Scouts/Brownies

Daisy: Herbal Garden: Scouts are introduced to a Colonial herbal garden, the various herbs grown, and the importance of herbs in cooking and early medicine.

Brownies: Wave the Flag: Scouts will have the opportunity to see an authentic Civil War flag, learn significant local and state history regarding the Civil War, and compare the flag to our contemporary model.

Brownies: Make It, Eat It: Come hungry! Participate in the seasonal creation of cornbread, zucchini bread, or gingerbread, while learning the history behind these early foods.

Girl Scouts: Food, Fiber, and Farming: Scouts will learn seasonal events such as how butter is created using a churn, make applesauce from scratch, and then be introduced to the process of cheese making.

Girl Scouts: Women’s Stories: Listen to Mrs. [Mary] Thomas Smith from 1725 as she tells her tale. You will have a chance to interview her and compare her life to contemporary American women.

Girl Scout Interest Project Awards: Silver Award, Gold Award
*For Girl Scouts interested in making a commitment by volunteering at Stanley-Whitman House. You will be introduced to our Junior Interpreter Program; upon the required hours logged volunteering, we will submit paperwork to the Girl Scout Council on your behalf. Please call or email for more information.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout/Tiger [1st]: How Do You Celebrate? Tiger Elective 1: This elective can be modified seasonally to cover events occurring during the spring, summer, fall, or winter. Scouts will complete a seasonal card.

Cub Scout/Tiger [1st]: Snack Time Tiger Elective 25: Learn to make healthy snacks for yourself and others using a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, while learning about the Food Pyramid.

Cub Scout/Wolf [2nd]: Birds Wolf Elective 13: Learn about local birds, the types of bird houses they prefer, foods they eat, where to find them, and the importance of birds.

Cub Scout/Wolf [2nd]: American Indian Lore Wolf Elective 10: View a ¼ size wigwam, learn how it functioned, and create your own model of a traditional wigwam.

Cub Scout/Bear [3rd]: American Indian Life Bear Elective 24: You will be introduced to Native Americans who were from the Farmington area, learn of their lifestyle and culture, and view examples of their work.

Cub Scout/Bear [3rd]: Nature Crafts Bear Elective 12: Collect and identify a wide variety of seeds grown in our historical herb gardens, learn the plants they will become, along with their benefits to us.

Cub Scout/Webelos [4th – 5th]: American Flag Webelos Citizen: View an authentic Civil War flag, learn of the Civil War’s effect on the local community, then compare this version to our contemporary flag.

Cub Scout/Webelos [4th – 5th]: Revolutionary Code Webelos Communicator: Learn how a secret code was used during the Revolutionary War to get messages across enemy lines. Your mission will be to use a code successfully with the other scouts.

Scout Merit Badge: Citizenship in the Community Scouts have the opportunity to complete volunteer hours at Stanley-Whitman towards this badge.

Scout Merit Badge: Archaeology Stanley-Whitman House was an archaeological site, with documentation and evidence to be viewed. Contact us regarding this option.